KOMBUCHA is a lightly sparkled beverage made by fermenting tea, sugar and SCOBY.
It is characterized by fruity acidity and refreshing taste.
It is a popular drink for people who want a healthy and active life, especially in the United States.

Our Story


The first time I (Kantaro Oizumi, CEO) met KOMBUCHA was when I visited LA for explore new food trends in winter 2011.
I found some bottles labeled “KOMBUCHA” in the grocery store. “What is KOMBUCHA? Is it including Konbu(昆布) that is familiar to us Japanese people?” then I bought it and tried the mysterious drink. That was not “Konbu” tea but sour and lightly sparkling.
5 years later, I found out KOMBUCHA market is growing in western countries. “This is it!” So, I held a Kombucha TOUR around Dallas, Austin and San Francisco.
I was impressed to see many people drinking KOMBUCHA in the big sales floor of KOMBUCHA and in the streets and cafes.
And I felt that drinking Kombucha made me positive and creative.
In December 2016, we visited breweries in Seattle, Portland and Bend to make the most beloved Kombucha on the planet.
We met many people and learned what is necessary for the KOMBUCHA business, such as craftsmanship, the pain of business development, and the manufacturing process.

In February 2017, we attended Kombucha Brewers International (commonly known as Kombucha Kon) in Long Beach, California.
I was able to connect with Kombucha brewers from all over the world and listen to many ideas. Based on those experiences, we conducted research on brewing, and “KOMBUCHA_SHIP” was born as the one and only original KOMBUCHA in Japan.


The name “KOMBUCHA_SHIP” contains our wishes of new things will be created by combining with various words such as Friendship and Craftsmanship.
With KOMBUCHA_SHIP, we are confident about many people and various things will connect to create the circle of smiles.
We hope that a smile will make the whole planet a fun and healthy living environment.

Who We Are

In Japan, there is a culture of making fermented foods at home, such as miso and nukazuke.
Kombucha is also enjoyed by households around the world,
but it is difficult to manage hygiene.


KOMBUCHA_SHIP is particular about ingredients, equipment, hygiene management, and fermentation management in order to produce safe and delicious KOMBUCHA.


Japan is rich in wonderful ingredients. KOMBUCHA_SHIP carefully selects pesticide-free and organic materials from all over Japan. We are particular about ingredients that are kind to both people and nature.

Small Steps With Us

We sell KOMBUCHA at wholesale in reusable barrels. We are expanding activities to reduce waste such as packaging materials together with our business partners and customers. From 2021, we will start selling bottles of Kombucha. Please cooperate with the recycling of bottles to keep the environment of the earth healthy and make the better place.
We believe that a healthy global environment can be maintained even with small steps.